Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Continuation Mural

This is a project that involved following another artist's lead. As you can see from this first picture, this began as a three-panel canvas mural - not my work - that was hung on a very large wall. The client asked if I would continue the mural onto the wall to better fill up the space.

Of course! I love a challenge.

And I really did enjoy this challenge. Matching colors and style of another artist was exciting. It was fun creating and dreaming of what the rest of the landscape held in store for us to see.

An additional challenge to this mural was that it was a second-story level painting. This meant painting on scaffolding; you'll see in some of the following photos all of my stuff.

This is the view from an upper level balcony.

My challenge was to match the setting, colors, and styles so that the scene seamlessly continued without an obvious line. I wanted to add a bit of whimsy, so there's a vested monkey on the right side. He's teasingly offering a piece of fruit to a nearby birdie.

Close-up of the peacock.

View of the mural from the doorway as
you enter the solarium.


This gives you a view of the ceiling we previously painted (scroll down) and how they relate to each other. I hope you enjoyed this post, please feel free to leave comments.


Blissful Melissa said...


Beautiful work and whimsy.


Debbie Viola said...


You did a great job in continuing the scene and making it flow as one work of art.

Debbie Viola