Sunday, February 3, 2008

Defiance Regional Medical Center - Oncology Infusion

Some of you may know about the murals I was working on for the Oncology Infusion center of the Defiance Regional Medical Center. The project is complete and will be part of a story on the Fort Wayne – 21 Alive local news Thursday at 6pm (February 7th).

I am so glad that I was able to do my part for such a great cause. I share this broadcast with my friends and clients to help bring awareness to the tremendous work they do. The project was funded entirely by the Hospital Auxiliary – their goal: To improve the care and treatment of cancer patients.

The murals were painted in the studio on canvas - then installed (much like wallpaper) at the Oncology center. The picture above is an 'in process' photo. I feel blessed to have a studio in which I can create and be as messy as I like! The beauty of this 'system' is that I'm not disrupting their center by painting on site and that many years from now if they want to rennovate again, they can remove the murals and do with them as they'd like. They can be remounted at another site as well.
Here are a few detail shots:

This little girl has found all sorts of interesting rocks along the shoreline. Treasure hunting to be sure!

This is just a small corner of one of the murals. This parrot always makes me smile when I see him - I hope he has the same effect on others as well.

This little boy has discovered a little green lizard after tethering his boat to a tree. (You can see the bottom edge of the canvas in the picture.)

Complete photos will be posted to the website: