Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Introducing our newest creation - a concrete carpet - created with exterior grade materials specifically made for concrete surfaces - with an artistic approach - custom colors and original designs. Perfect for your home or business, consider a new treatment for your entrance, porch, or patio - the possibilities are endless. To read more about the process, scroll down to view the project while in process. Contact us at www.finishesbygina.com

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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Elegant Finishes Studio introduces Concrete Carpets!

Whether it's faux tile, granite, slate, marble or a very intricate inlaid carpet, design options are endless.
Elegant Finishes Studio uses Faux Effects RS Crete products which are designed for exterior applications - providing you with many years of beauty for your home or business.

The following is a step-by-step progression:

Before -not very inviting!

Even the base layer is quite an improvement!

Several textural layers are added. This step gives depth and dimension to the finish and will look polished when complete.
The Modello masking stencil is then put in place. We centered the design with the center of the door rather than the center of the floor, as the door was slightly off center.

After the Modello is in place, stains and colorants are added. Custom tints are mixed on-site to ensure a perfect match to the brick, siding, and columns. Fine mica powder that glints in the sunlight and the element of green are embedded for added interest in the design.
When satisfied with the color patterns, we begin weeding out the masking material - it's a one-use stencil that is thrown away when we're finished.
Almost finished, a monogram is to be installed in the center.

Detail of finish. Once dry, several protective clear coats are applied to ensure durability.

Thank you for viewing our project. Contact information may be found on our website at: www.finishesbygina.com


Sunday, February 11, 2007

This is one of the largest ceiling projects we've created. I have attached several pictures of the project during the process. Once the remodel construction is completed, I hope to take professional photos for the portfolio.

Elegant Finishes by Gina

This is a ceiling finished in custom colored Lusterstone, Venetian Gem, Composition Gold leaf, and Swarovski crystals. Dimensions: 28'10" x 18'6" Ceiling height: approximately 20'

Our ceiling process begins by floating out the knock-down ceiling - to save our arms, we sub-contracted this step. Thereafter, we troweled a mixture of Lusterstone to the entire surface which gave the ceiling a polished plaster appearance.

Work resumes the next day by applying the very blue 36 piece stencil to the ceiling. The stencil goes up like a puzzel with interlocking pieces - the diagram is very helpful!

The stencil is in place!

Once the entire stencil is in place, we begin applying our gold leaf and custom tinted plasters.

MaryEllen and Gina.

We begin removing the stencil.

The design revealed.

Swarovski crystals twinkle in the sunlight, however, they don't photograph as well. (654 crystals)

The ceiling is so large that we cannot photograph the entire ceiling in one frame.

The shimmer is lovely.

Thank you for viewing our project! Comments are welcome. Gina